FourFourFourTwo: Legal Tracker’s Legal Tracker

FourFourFive has been a long-running legal news aggregator and source for news coverage of Florida.Since its founding in 2005, the site has covered Florida’s legal system, politics, and issues relating to civil liberties, including the expansion of civil asset forfeiture and the use of drones for surveillance.Today, FourFourThree is a digital news and opinion siteRead More

How to pay your lawyer’s salary online: Legal dictionary

The legal profession is often the most stressful and difficult job on earth.This is the story of how to pay for a lawyer in India.Read more:Legal assistant salaries are rising in IndiaThe legal profession can be stressful and the most difficult job in the world.This article explains how to work out your legal expenses, payRead More

Why do we need a legal version of Google Glass?

With Google Glass’ legal status still uncertain, we take a look at why it’s important to have a version of the device, and why it’ll be so popular.Read more about legal glass, legal glasses, glasses, legal, legal glass source The Atlantic article Legal Glass is a legal glasses company, a type of eyewear made byRead More

How to Get Legal Midget Height: Legal Midgets Legal

How do I get legal midget tall?The short answer is that you need to get a medical condition that causes the height to fall below a certain standard, such as the condition known as Down syndrome.However, you may also need to have a birth defect, such a congenital heart defect, or have a family historyRead More

Legal Lean: Hyatt’s new legal plan

Hyatt is opening its legal service to more than 2 million users, and it’s aiming to help consumers navigate the legal system more efficiently.Hyatt has already rolled out its first legal plan for users who want to take advantage of the service.But the new plan is focused on helping consumers with issues that are moreRead More

New California law allows guns, cash to buy legal guns

NEW CALIFORNIA — Lawmakers in California are considering a bill that would allow residents to purchase handguns and other firearms without the need to get a license.The measure is an effort by Gov.Gavin Newsom to push the state toward gun-free zones after a string of mass shootings that left 12 people dead in California.Newsom signedRead More

Why it’s still legal to take illegal steroids

When you hear about the dangers of steroids, you probably don’t hear about free legal dosages.But that could change.A growing body of evidence suggests that some forms of steroids may actually be legal.In fact, the FDA has already approved several steroids, including a steroid called dexamethasone.This week, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that dexamethylasone, whichRead More

How to buy a larger hyatt room without paying the price

The price of a larger room at a Hyatt has skyrocketed from $100 to $150 in just a year.Hyatt has doubled the number of rooms in its business from 150,000 to 1 million since the year 2000, according to its filings.The new rooms are also more spacious and have been redesigned to make them moreRead More

Legal pad maker gets $1bn for $1 billion in blockchain deal

A new $1.1 billion deal between the legal pad maker LegalPad and blockchain startup Ethereum has been announced.The deal was announced on Wednesday by LegalPad CEO and founder Jonathan Voisin.The two companies will combine their respective legal and blockchain portfolios, Voisins announcement reads.“This is a big deal for Ethereum and blockchain, and we are thrilledRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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