What is legal porn?

What is the legal porn industry?It’s a big business, one that’s growing by the day and is estimated to have revenue of over €500 million.Legal porn is pornography which is usually sold online, either in its original form or through the likes of Vivid Video and Pornhub.Online, it’s easy to find and the industry’s growthRead More

How to legally write ‘legal’ on a legal document

A recent article in The Denver Post revealed that some states have moved to legally define prostitution as a crime punishable by a fine of up to $10,000.However, the Denver Post also revealed that the city of Denver is now working to legalize the practice of legal brothels, according to a news release from theRead More

FourFour Two: Nc is now officially a legal blonde

FourFourtwo has the exclusive first look at the new Nc, the blonde-haired legal aid worker.The new Nce is not the first Nc to be brought to Australia, and is not necessarily the first blonde-headed legal aid volunteer.Nc was born in Australia, but has been in Australia for a decade, having been granted residency in JulyRead More

How to use cannabis in Norway

NORWAY (Reuters) – Authorities in Norway are expected to begin legalizing recreational use of cannabis by 2020, following a national debate over the medicinal and recreational use.Legalization plans for cannabis are likely to be approved by parliament in October, but the government has already approved a raft of drugs and has already begun to rollRead More

Why do women have to wear makeup? 2,500-word answer

A few months ago, I was at a dinner party and a woman from New York approached me to ask how I’d found the time to start my blog.She was a very successful woman, having just finished her MBA and was running a marketing firm.I’d never met her, but I knew she’d have something interestingRead More

Trump legal team: It is time to move on

A Trump legal campaign team says it is ready to move beyond its bitter battle with the former president over whether he should be held criminally liable for the 1994 bombing of a federal building.“We are not the ones who are running out of time.The time to get to work is now,” said the TrumpRead More

What you need to know about marijuans legal status

Federal lawmakers in the U.S. are considering legislation that would legalize marijans legal cultivation, cultivation and sale.The bill, known as the Marijuan Act, has been languishing in the House of Representatives since late July.It would allow marijuaans cultivation and cultivation of up to 15 plants, but only if they are grown under “good faith” supervision.ItRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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