What to know about marijuana legal separation

When the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments this month over whether marijuana is legal in California, many were worried the court’s decision could lead to a state-by-state legalization of the drug.

But if it’s a nationwide legalization, the impact would be even more profound, said Mark Kleiman, a professor of law at UCLA School of Law.

It’s the biggest, most consequential shift in U.A.C.A.’s history, he said.

If it’s nationwide, it would have profound effects on federal law.

California voters will decide the fate of the U,A.B. next November, but the state’s medical marijuana program is one of the most ambitious in the country.

Medical marijuana patients and doctors in California can now grow up to four plants in a home or grow their own.

That’s more than double the current limit.

But that’s still just one piece of a larger legalization program.

The state will also set up a state registry of pot growers, dispensaries, and retailers, along with an extensive regulatory system for the industry.

All of this could be put on hold if the Supreme Court decides to let the medical marijuana bill stand.

Legal separation is the legal system in California where marijuana is grown, taxed, sold, and taxed again.

In some cases, it’s also the legal arrangement for growing and selling pot.

But in the past, the California Department of Justice has pursued a crackdown on pot businesses, particularly dispensaries.

In 2015, it seized more than 1,200 storefront marijuana businesses and more than 4,000 individual growers.

In November, a federal judge found the department’s raids unconstitutional.

The DOJ has appealed the ruling, and the appeals court said last week it would take the case to the Supreme to review the ruling.

The court’s actions could make it harder for Californians to access the medicine they need.

Legal separation is a big deal, and it could affect how California is able to move forward, said Michael R. Gottfried, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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