When the cops have their say on gay rights, it can be hard to tell what’s legal and what’s not

Police in Michigan have taken to wearing the badges pretty much as legal as possible. 

The badges are just part of the uniform they wear on duty, and they have been worn for years. 

But that hasn’t stopped people from posting photos on social media of the badges, sometimes with the hashtag #officerboots #officersboots, with the intention of drawing attention to the police department’s use of the uniforms.

Police in Michigan use the badge pretty much every day, and in most cases, they don’t have to wear it. 

In some instances, officers can wear the badges on their own, even in the heat of the moment. 

“If I see somebody else walking down the street and I see a uniform on my right, I can take that as an invitation to stop and ask if they’re wearing a badge,” a Michigan State Police trooper told the Free Press.

The badges come in several colors, and each of the three colors are supposed to be “officer-approved” and carry a special code.

 If the officer does not see the badge, they can ask the person what color they are, and if the answer is red, they are allowed to search their pockets.

The code is usually printed on the badge or on the front of the badge itself, and the officer can either use it to get to a person, or give it to another officer.

If the code is not in the front, the officer must still get permission from the person to search.

When the code does not match the code on the back, the police are supposed in the future to issue a ticket for the violation.

One Michigan State Trooper who uses the badge said it was very common for him to ask someone if they were wearing a special-code badge. 

“I’d be walking down a street and there’d be someone wearing a different badge, and I’d ask them, ‘Is it a special number?'” he said.

“And then I’d have to tell them that the police have to take that badge away from them.”

He said he has never had to issue an official ticket, and he said he rarely saw anyone in the city who had problems getting the badge.

He said that the badge was often given to people for a variety of reasons, and not all officers in Michigan wear the badge at all.

State Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Lough said in a statement that he would have to talk to the city about whether it had been a mistake or not. 

State Police also issued a statement saying that while they never issue tickets, the badges were never issued to people who were arrested for driving under the influence.

Lough said that in all cases, the person was given a copy of the code to wear on the day of the arrest.

Michigan State Police also said it did not have to issue tickets or fines for officers who stopped someone for an expired license plate.

In a statement, the state’s attorney general’s office said it had asked the state police to stop issuing tickets for expired license plates. 

Lough’s department said that they had received the request.

“We will review the matter,” the department said.

The State Police said that officers will also wear a special badge in the event of a shooting, or if they are responding to a medical call, but not for a shooting.

Other officers in the department wear a different color of badge in addition to the one they wear when they respond to a call.

“It is a very common occurrence that a uniform may be worn for an officer to provide assistance to another in the line of duty,” Lough’s statement said.

“If officers are concerned that their uniform will be perceived as inappropriate or inappropriate, officers are encouraged to inform their supervisors or a supervisor of their intention to wear a specific color of the official uniform to provide the officer’s assistance.”

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