Why are the legal blinds in Canada so low?

Legal blinds are so low that they aren’t even legal in Canada, according to a new study.

In the U.S., people with limited vision are still required to wear them in public and can use them as blind-straps in certain cases.

In Canada, however, they’re legal.

The new study from the University of British Columbia found that, despite the fact that people with sight can legally blindfold themselves in public, it’s not always a good idea.

“There is evidence that a person’s sight is impaired,” said lead researcher Dr. Chris Anderson, in a press release.

“The blindfolding itself can have negative consequences.”

The study found that people who can legally use a blindfold have fewer opportunities to make eye contact with strangers, which leads to people making decisions based on a false sense of security.

“People who have low vision have higher rates of anxiety, lower rates of self-esteem and poorer health, which are linked to depression, anxiety and social isolation,” the researchers wrote in their report.

For the study, researchers collected data from more than 6,500 people who used a web-based app to access online services.

The researchers used two types of data: one collected on people who had been blindfolded in public (called the “no-blindness” group), and the other collected on blindfold-free people (called “no blindness” and “legal blinds”).

The researchers found that legal blind-folded people were less likely to be interested in talking to strangers.

They were also less likely than blindfold users to feel comfortable asking for directions or using their smartphones.

Legal blind-folds were also linked to higher levels of self–esteem.

The study found people with low vision had higher levels than blind-unblinded people of the belief that they are more attractive, likable and successful.

They also had lower levels of depression and higher levels and more frequent use of social isolation, anxiety, and loneliness, the study found.

Researchers say that legal blindness is a problem, because it means people who need to use a device to get to and from a meeting, for example, are more likely to choose not to use it.

“When people don’t have the option to wear blindfolds in public they are less likely and less likely, as well as less likely at times to do so, for a variety of reasons,” Anderson said.

“It’s a situation that has been very well documented in other countries.”

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