Why Legal Seafood Seaport Seeks a Vote on Marijuana Legalization

Colorado, a city of less than 200,000 people on the northern edge of the United States, is looking to expand its marijuana legalization.

The port has been a haven for cannabis activists in recent years, as it handles over a quarter of all cannabis shipped in the U.S. as well as for recreational use.

Colorado’s Marijuana Legalisation Project is currently planning a ballot measure that would legalize recreational marijuana in the city.

Coloradans have also supported a ballot initiative in November to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, but it did not get on the ballot due to a lack of signatures.

Now the Port of Colorado has plans to take it up for a vote, but there are still questions about the outcome.

“The port of Colorados cannabis initiative is being challenged by the Marijuana Legal Defense Foundation in federal court, and they’re hoping that the U,S.

Supreme Court will take up the case,” said Colleen Farr, Executive Director of the Coloradan Campaign to Regulate Marijuana, the group that is supporting the marijuana legalization effort.

Farr said that if the court does not take up this case, she is optimistic that the city will make a positive vote on legalization, but she is not optimistic about the results of the case.

The marijuana initiative petition was filed in the district court in August and has yet to receive a response from the U to the petition.

The city’s petition has already garnered more than 200 signatures, but those signatures have not yet been certified by the U for inclusion in the ballot.

“Coloradans are very proud of the progress we’ve made with the issue of marijuana legalization in the past,” Farr told VICE News.

“But we’re also very concerned about what happens to Coloradons reputation and our ability to attract and retain the jobs of people who will be impacted by this.”

The petition states that Coloradians are “ready to enact a legal marijuana economy,” adding that “legal marijuana is the only way for Coloradis to achieve sustainable employment and growth in the future.”

Coloradoses current economy is based on tourism, and the petition argues that “if marijuana is legal, Coloradiscans will be able to more effectively attract the world’s leading and best-paying job seekers and attract them to our economy.”

“We have an economy that’s not focused on the people who are currently living in the shadows of poverty, and that’s the future of our economy,” Farg said.

“So, if we are going to take a stand and put Coloradias economy on a sustainable footing, we’re going to need to put the economy on the right track.”

A number of Colorados local and state politicians have previously expressed support for legalization, and Farr is optimistic about their chances of winning over the voters.

“It’s important that the community does not see Coloradocans politics as a partisan issue,” Farrow said.

“[The port] supports legalization of marijuana, but not because they want to.”

Colorades Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also on board with the marijuana initiative, and said in September that Colorados would not be “fazed by a ruling that says that marijuana is not an intoxicant.”

However, the Port has not publicly addressed the possibility of a court ruling in favor of the marijuana effort.

“There is no court precedent to support that position,” Farsaid.

“We would hope that the Supreme Court would hear this case.”

Colorados is the third U. S. state to consider marijuana legalization efforts this year.

Alaska and Maine have both approved ballot initiatives, while Colorado has not officially legalized the drug but is considering it.

Colorados petition was also supported by the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, which said that “it’s the best of both worlds” for Colorads economy to legalize cannabis.

“Colorado’s economy is not built on drugs and we will continue to support the efforts of the state’s governor and other leaders to expand access to medical cannabis, and to regulate and tax marijuana as the state has done for more than 40 years,” said the ACLU of Colorado.

“That includes the legalization of cannabis in Colorado.”

In the state of Washington, the Department of Health has been working to expand the use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the treatment of PTSD and other mental health conditions.

The initiative, which will likely be on the November ballot, would allow people to grow and possess up to six cannabis plants.

Colorads proposal will be similar to that in Colorado, but the city would need to file the necessary voter signatures in order to get on an electoral ballot.

The petition has been in the works for months, but Farr has been keeping an eye on the process.

“Colors legalization is about much more than a vote on marijuana,” Far said.

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