How to fight your insurance bill

With a legal settlement over her medical bills, a woman in Alabama is fighting back against a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Rachel B. Brown, who’s been battling depression since her son was born, sued her insurer and her doctors for the medical bills.

The Alabama Medical Association says it has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Brown for failing to treat her son.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for Brown’s injuries and wrongful death.

Brown’s attorney says that a wrongful-death suit is not the right way to go about things.

The attorney says Brown should have been treated in the same way that any other person would have been.””

I’m not in this for money.””

I’m not a medical doctor.

I’m not in this for money.”

Brown has been with her husband and four children since he was diagnosed with Stage 3 brain cancer in 2012.

The family moved to Georgia in 2015 to work.

Her son, who is now 17, had to undergo surgery and was removed from her care after he was born.

She says the bills started piling up.

The family filed a claim for wrongful death and was denied.

The lawsuit was dismissed by the state’s Court of Claims in 2017.

Brown says the family was left to struggle to survive.

She filed a lawsuit against the insurance company.

She was granted $150,000 in a settlement.

Dittmer says the insurance settlement is worth far more than the medical expenses.

“I’m happy we got this money, but there’s a lot of other people that are not so lucky,” Dittmers told WKRG-TV.

“They’re not going to have a good life.

They’re going to be homeless and that’s going to happen.”

He says he will continue to fight for what he believes is fair compensation.

“That’s why I’m fighting,” Dettmer said.

“You want a fair system, and that system is not going away.”

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