How to help the homeless after Brexit

Tired of having to beg on the street for money?

Then this new initiative could be for you.

It is a crowdfunding campaign launched by a group of people with a dream of giving back to the homeless.

The project, called ‘Homeless BAC Limit’, is being launched to raise funds to buy food and other essentials to help those who have been sleeping rough for months, according to the project’s website.

“It’s a way to raise money for the homeless, but it also means it’s a great opportunity to build community and build bridges between people and their communities, as well as help create a healthier and more sustainable economy,” the project website reads.

“Homeless people are underfunded and there is no easy way to help them get back on their feet.

So, with this campaign, we want to give them a voice, and a platform, that can help them make a difference.”

The campaign is being run by a team of volunteers who have set up a Facebook page entitled ‘Homework’ to help raise money.

“For the first time in our history, we have a group that has an idea of how to help,” the Facebook page reads.

“It’s about giving back and doing something that is beyond our means.”

One of the first people to sign up for the project is the homeless man who goes by the name ‘Sebastian’.

He was living in a hostel before he found out the campaign was being run, and has now started his own project called ‘Shelter’, which he started to raise funding for his new project.

“This is not just a money grab, this is about making a difference, because this is the first of many,” Sebastian told Reuters news agency.

“If we don’t do this, we will not have a future, we won’t be able to afford to survive and we won\’t be able survive as a human being.”

Homelessness is a major problem in Britain, with a record-breaking 6.2 million people living on the streets.

The number of people sleeping rough has risen by 70 per cent in the past year, with an estimated 4,000 people dying on the roads alone.

In the UK, the number of homeless people is rising at twice the rate of the general population.

It has become a national crisis and homelessness is seen as the biggest challenge to a society struggling with an ageing population and growing social tensions.

The government has introduced a number of measures to tackle the issue, including the creation of a new ‘Homestake’ scheme which will see funding for homeless services increased.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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