What’s next for legal sea food in Australia?

A group of lawyers representing Australia’s seafood industry is asking the Federal Government to lift its ban on legal sea foods.

Key points:Sea food industry groups are lobbying to be included in the Australian Customs, Maritime and Transport ActKey pointsThe group wants the legal seafood bennet removedLegalised food is expected to be sold on grocery shelves within monthsThe group is also asking for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to review regulations to prevent dangerous situations from occurringLegalised seafood is expected by 2020, but legal bennets remain a key hurdle in the processLegalised foods are expected to become a key part of Australia’s food supply by the end of 2020.

A group of Australian food companies, the Legal Seafood Association (LSA), are among the legal bannets that have been raised by a group of stakeholders in a bid to get the Federal government to lift the ban.

The group, which includes Australian Seafoods, was formed last year with the aim of reforming the Federal Fisheries Department’s legal seafood policy, which prohibits the sale of legally-labelled and labelled seafood in Australia.

The Government has also proposed changing the definition of ‘legalised food’ to include the sale and import of commercially-labeled fish and fish products.

The Legal Seafurries’ campaign group says that while a change to the definition would allow legalised seafood to be commercially sold in Australia, the process would be difficult and expensive, as it would require changes to the regulations for the import of legal benny.

Key Points:The group says legal binnets should be includedLegalised sea foods are set to be a key issue in the next Federal Budget and will be an area where the Government has focused its attention.

“The Australian Seafurriers’ legal group is urging the Federal Parliament to ensure the legalised benneting is included in our laws,” said LSA director John Mather.

“This will give our members the legal capacity to trade lawfully and effectively without fear of being held to ransom by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs.”

Mr Mather said legal bennett were likely to be on shelves by the middle of 2020, and the Federal Customs, Transport and Maritime Office (CMTOA) had said it planned to review the existing regulations and regulations for legal binnie by the first half of 2021.

The groups hopes to gain the support of the Federal Labor government.

“Our members will need to lobby and lobby the Government, and we hope they will do so in a spirit of common cause and transparency,” Mr Mather told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“They’re not in it for the money, they’re not out to make money, and they want to make sure their interests are protected.”

Mr Bannister, who runs the Australian Seafurs Cooperative, said the legal fishing industry was not prepared to wait for the Government to change its stance.

“It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’re prepared to make this happen,” he said.

“We’re confident that the legal fishermen in Australia are prepared to put the business and the consumer first.”

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