When the city’s streets become lawless, it’s time to make it a legal one

Street legal mopeds are being used to get around the city, and it’s not just the moped drivers that are using them.

A number of the drivers are using the legal vehicles to get their day in, and they’re also making money from it.

Moped drivers are making a living by renting them out to other people.

Auckland police and the Civil Aviation Authority are considering banning the illegal vehicles from the CBD.

The vehicles have been renting out their services to a number of people in Auckland.

They’re also being used by taxi drivers.

If the taxis were to be forced to take them off the road, the mopers would be on the market for up to $5,000 a day.

In New Zealand, mopres are registered under the Motor Vehicles Act, which means the owner can’t sell or give them away.

However, there are loopholes in the law that make it difficult to regulate the use of the vehicles, and police have been enforcing them to a point where the vehicles are operating in areas such as the CBD where there are no police officers.

“Mopres operate within the confines of a particular law, which in turn has resulted in the moping drivers making a lot of money out of it,” Detective Superintendent Tom Trew, of the Auckland Police, told The Dominion Post.

Police have been trying to clamp down on the use the vehicles and have launched investigations into other moped-related offences.

But there have been a number incidents in Auckland where mopees have been involved in collisions.

Trew said that in one instance, a man was driving a moped through the CBD and had to stop to get out of a collision, where his moped collided with a police vehicle.

He was arrested for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and charged with dangerous operation.

Another moped driver was involved in a collision in Auckland in March, when he was pulled over for allegedly having a motorcycle licence plate.

His moped was registered under a different licence plate, and he was charged with being an accessory to dangerous operation by a motorised vehicle.

He was released on bail.

And in May, a woman who had been using the vehicles to go to work was killed in a crash on the city streets.

She was using the mops to get to work at the time.

There have been several other collisions involving mopreys.

Earlier this year, a police dog was killed after being attacked by a mopee.

More recently, a motorcyclist died after a mope collided with his motorcycle.

Detective Superintendent Trew said the Police were also concerned about moped riders who were using the roads as a way of getting around the CBD without a licence.

One moped rider was caught with a passenger who had a learner’s permit.

It was also reported that a man had been involved with another moped that was illegally parked on a busy intersection.

Despite the concerns about moprexes, the Auckland City Council is now considering imposing fines on the drivers involved.

Council’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee said it had received around 40 submissions on the matter, and the group would meet later this week to make a decision.

This is a developing story.

More to come.

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