Why are some people wearing hair dye?

Many people in the LGBTQ community don’t feel comfortable expressing their sexuality openly, even if they feel like they do.

The same goes for gay men and women.

That’s why some are opting to keep their hair long or wear make-up to cover up.

And that’s what happened to a 23-year-old who had dyed her hair blond in honor of a friend.

The blond wig is a nod to the actress and model Lena Dunham who is a big advocate for LGBTQ equality and is also the co-founder of the advocacy group GLAAD.

“I’m not a straight woman,” said Sarah, who prefers to be called Sarah because her hair is styled in a ponytail.

“But I’m a lesbian.

And I like to look feminine.”

Sarah’s friend, Alex, agreed.

“My hair looks great, and it’s very different from my usual hair, but I don’t mind it.

I think it’s a nice change of pace,” he said.

Alex’s hair also resembles Sarah’s.

“You can tell she’s definitely not straight, and she wears a lot of make-ups, so she looks a little bit like me.”

The two friends are now friends and are planning to start a “diversity” company, and Sarah has started her own YouTube channel.

“She’s not afraid to speak her mind, but she’s very protective of her opinions,” Alex said.

“Her opinions are hers to hold.”

The buzz around the “dynamic” blonde wig has caught the attention of the media, which is buzzing about the new trend.

“When I saw this, I thought it was amazing,” said Tasha, a 20-year old transgender woman who works in the media and makeup industry.

“The whole world is looking at us and saying, ‘I know what this looks like.

It’s like something straight people would wear.'”

But Sarah and Alex say they’re not the only transgender women in drag, and many of the women in their lives have chosen to dye their hair blond to show support for transgender people.

“If you’re a transgender person, your hair is your most important part,” Sarah said.

Sarah’s friends have told her they’re surprised that other trans women have dyed their hair.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, well, this is how you do it,'” Sarah said, “but it’s not normal.”

Alex agreed.

He said that the “real thing” about his hair is that it’s the first time he’s worn a wig.

“Before, I would have a wig on, and that’s when I was like, I’m gonna get rid of my wig.

I’m going to get rid,” Alex told ABC News.

Sarah and her friends aren’t the only ones who have been expressing their pride for a different reason.

In June, Liza Minnelli, who plays transgender teen Cassie on the “Girls” television series, wore a wig to an event honoring transgender rights in New York City.

Minnellit wore a blond wig to a photo shoot for her upcoming film, “Lizzie Borden.”

In an interview with ABC News, Minnellie said that she doesn’t feel she’s “too feminine” and that she has a “different look.”

“I have this kind of thing where I wear make up on my head because I want to be seen as a more feminine person,” Minnellier told ABC.

“So I wear it to be less feminine, but that’s not what I’m trying to do.

I want my hair to stand out.”

Some women are even trying to change their hair to conform to the new fashion trend.

Last week, a transgender woman dressed as a blonde wig was seen wearing a wig that mimicked the hairstyle worn by “Orange Is the New Black” star Laverne Cox, who also dyed her blonde hair blond.

“This is what I do every day,” the woman, who identified herself as “Nanaki,” said in an Instagram video that was shared on Instagram and Facebook.

“People think I’m crazy for it.

But I feel it.

Like, I feel like a little girl in my hair.

I feel so feminine.”

“When you’re looking for something to be more feminine, you have to find the perfect hair,” the video continues.

“As long as I can be comfortable in who I am, I’ll keep on growing my hair.”

For some women, the wig is an opportunity to celebrate who they are.

“It’s really important for people to feel confident in who they really are,” said Kate, a 21-year, trans woman who said she has been wearing a blond or brunette wig for two years.

Kate’s sister, Ashley, said she feels like she’s wearing a “pink wig” because of her hair.

Ashley said that while she wears make-Up 101, she often wears pink makeup and “I just love that I have a pink wig.

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