Legal Assistant jobs for people with blond hair

Legal assistant jobs are in short supply in Oregon, but that’s just one reason they are a popular career option for people who have a natural beauty trait.

“There’s just not that many jobs out there for blond hair,” said Lauren Schaeffer, who works for the legal assistant program at the University of Washington.

She’s the founder of the Legal Hair and Makeup Training Center, which offers legal assistant training and job placement.

The training center is a private nonprofit.

Schaeffer said the demand for legal assistant positions is high, partly because people want to be able to tell if they’re qualified.

People can apply for a job in a legal assistant position without having to meet any qualifications, like a background check, and get paid $75 to $100 an hour.

They also can work from home.

Schneffer said she’s had some success in the field.

A recent survey by the Oregon Legal Foundation showed that 20 percent of legal assistants in the state have been fired, while another 20 percent have been placed on probation.

Schoeffer said it’s important to take into account the personality and interests of a candidate.

“I would not hire someone that has a very bad personality or that has issues with substance abuse,” Schaeff said.

“It’s really important to get someone that is someone who is not going to hurt anyone, that’s someone who can be part of a team and not just be a sidekick.”

Schaeff says the best thing to do to help applicants with a natural hair color is to help them find a qualified, experienced legal assistant.

“You can always find an experienced lawyer and a lawyer that has experience in their field,” she said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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