Legal pad maker gets $1bn for $1 billion in blockchain deal

A new $1.1 billion deal between the legal pad maker LegalPad and blockchain startup Ethereum has been announced.

The deal was announced on Wednesday by LegalPad CEO and founder Jonathan Voisin.

The two companies will combine their respective legal and blockchain portfolios, Voisins announcement reads.

“This is a big deal for Ethereum and blockchain, and we are thrilled to bring this opportunity to LegalPad,” Voisiin said in a statement.

“We look forward to bringing the platform to our customers, helping them grow and create more secure, efficient and fair businesses.”

Voisin said he was excited to partner with Ethereum and look forward “to providing our customers with more value from our products and services.”

“We are looking forward to a world where people and organizations can build more securely and transparently,” Vaisin said.

LegalPad, which has over 20,000 lawyers in over 80 countries, will continue to focus on helping lawyers and other professionals to operate more efficiently and effectively.

It is currently working on a series of new product offerings.

Voisins new company is focused on “legal tech and blockchain applications” that will help law firms, insurance companies, and financial services firms to “enforce and improve business processes in the most efficient and effective way.”

Vaisin and LegalPad announced earlier this year that they would be acquiring another legal pad, LegalFirm, for an undisclosed amount.

The company has also launched a new legal software service, LegalPay, which will allow its customers to use the LegalPad app for free.

The new company will focus on legal technologies, Vaisins announcement read.

The news of the legal partnership comes after a recent $3.5 billion deal was struck between Ethereum and a number of big-name companies, including PayPal, IBM, and Microsoft.

The deal will allow companies to use Ethereum’s technology to build secure and distributed systems.

The blockchain is a distributed database that is based on a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that enables the exchange of digital tokens and other types of assets.

Ethereum’s network is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, but it is used for the purposes of payments and other digital assets, including cryptocurrencies.

The legal pad will be part of a partnership between the two companies that will also see them create a blockchain platform for the legal profession.

LegalPad said that its new business will be able to provide its customers with a secure, secure platform for legal work.

Vaisins business will not be a part of the $3 billion deal that is expected to close in the next few weeks.

He said he hopes the deal will help make legal work more affordable.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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