What to Know About the ‘Street Legal’ Scooter Lawsuit Against Trump’s Team

President Donald Trump’s legal team is taking aim at a new law that allows cities to set their own rules on scooters, claiming the law would allow them to “criminalize normalcy.”

Lawyers for Trump’s team filed a brief Wednesday in a New York federal court arguing the “street legal” scooter law is “inconsistent with our First Amendment freedoms and would subject cities to unconstitutional government regulation.”

They argue that the law, which was enacted last year, is “an attempt to criminalize normal people, ordinary citizens, as well as private property.”

“This law would violate our First and Fourth Amendments rights and would lead to arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement of this unconstitutional law,” lawyers wrote in the brief filed in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday.

The brief was filed in response to a request from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

The Trump team’s brief is the latest effort to defend the president’s ban on scooter rentals from private residences, which has sparked protests and legal challenges in cities across the country.

Trump has previously denied the law was necessary to protect the public.

“It’s been the law for a long time,” Trump told reporters in July.

“They’re coming for your scooters.

They’re coming after your scooter.”

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