‘Dirt Legal’: ‘Im legally blind’ in legal thriller about sex discrimination

Toronto, ON — A Canadian movie that is set in a world where the legal definition of “sex” has been changed to “dirt” has opened in Canada and it is being distributed by Universal Pictures.

‘Dirty Dirt’ is directed by Toronto-based filmmaker and sex-disparity advocate, John Green, who recently moved to the United States after a successful run at the Toronto Film Festival.

It was the first Canadian release at the festival.

“I’m legally blind and I just came from New York.

It’s been amazing.

I feel like I’m on the verge of being recognised for what I’ve done, so I’m really grateful for this opportunity to get out in the world,” said Green, whose film Dirty Dirt will be released on November 10.

The film, based on the life of John Green and his wife, Jane, who have two sons with their first wife, is a thriller about the intersection of sex, gender and sexual violence.

“It is really important to be recognised as a filmmaker.

This is a film that has the potential to affect millions of people around the world, so it’s very important that we are able to use our platform to show the world how we live,” Green said.

Green, a writer and producer of a variety of films including ‘Passion’ and ‘Lilyhammer,’ said he felt he was finally being able to do his work without being threatened by the law.

“People are really scared about the legal process because they don’t have the tools and they don’s not even really sure how to navigate that process, so when they do get the chance to speak with the lawyers and say, ‘Well, how do I make this claim against my employer?’, I think that’s when they’re actually more likely to make the right decision,” he said.

“They might be a bit more comfortable making the claim in a public space or a private space and I think it’s important that they do that in a way that’s not intimidating, that they’re not going to be afraid to be confronted and that’s what we’re doing with Dirty Dirts.”

Green, 46, said his goal is to use his platform to help other people who are facing discrimination because of their gender or sexuality.

“When I was working on ‘Pornland,’ the idea was to bring people together.

And what I want to do with this film is to be able to bring together the people who I have met through my work, and that means I want everyone in the film to be people who have been through this process,” he added.

The trailer for Dirty Darts has garnered attention for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival in January, winning two awards.

Green said he is excited to be working with a production company called Misfits.

“Misfits is really excited to work with John Green on this project.

We’ve seen his work before and he’s really talented.

I think the potential is really exciting.

He has a knack for really moving the story forward and being able, if the film has the audience in mind, to bring the characters together,” said Misfit director Scott Miller.

Miller said that Green has a passion for making films that are “deeply personal and personal about issues that really impact people.”

“He’s a real person who has really strong values and really values and a real sensitivity to those issues and he does it very, very deftly,” he continued.

“He also has the ability to connect with audiences and to communicate in a very personal way and it’s been very exciting to be on board with that.”

Dirty Dairs is the latest film to open at the fest, which takes place from December 11 to 17.

Green is one of only a few Canadians working at the Cannes Film Festival and is known for films that have had international audiences, including ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Deadpool’ and the critically acclaimed ‘A Mighty Wind.’

He has been nominated for three Oscars and received an Academy Award nomination for his work on ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and a Golden Globe for his role in ‘Punktivist.’

“I think that the festival has a very different audience than the Sundances,” said Miller.

“The Sundance audience is younger and more diverse, but it’s still very, really small and the Sundies have a very, long history of supporting filmmakers.”

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