How to get a new driver’s licence in Quebec

A new Quebec driver’s license, approved by the federal government in June, has been handed out to nearly 400,000 people in the province.article Marjuanas legalization is now officially legal in Quebec, thanks to a Liberal government initiative.

The Quebec government said it was a milestone for the province, which is now a “federal jurisdiction” after the Liberals won the May 2019 election.

The province is the third-largest in Canada after British Columbia and Ontario, and the fifth-largest after Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

The Liberals are expected to introduce legislation to legalize recreational marijuana by July.

Quebec’s Liberal government has long promised to legalize pot in the provinces of Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, and has already passed several laws on the topic.

A new law on marijuana legalization was signed last month, and in June the province signed its first-ever cannabis regulations, giving it the authority to regulate the drug.

In May, Quebec’s Liberal party introduced its first legislation on the issue.

The new law requires that cannabis be grown indoors, in a regulated facility, and sold to licensed producers.

The government says that will make the drug safer for consumers.

The government has also promised to increase the tax on cannabis from $10 per gram to $100 per gram.

In addition, Quebec has been able to exempt small-scale producers from its marijuana excise tax, which currently sits at $10.50 per gram (currently it is $30 per gram).

Under the new law, marijuana growers will be able to grow up to six cannabis plants at a time, which means the province will have more than 200,000 marijuana plants at the start of 2020.

The federal government will have to approve the sale of cannabis to Quebec.

The legalization of marijuana is expected to result in a $7.6 billion annual economic boost to Quebec, the provincial government said.

The Liberal government also announced plans to create a new marijuana advisory board that will advise the federal and provincial governments on marijuana policy.

The advisory board will be comprised of members from both the provinces and the federal federal government.

In November, Quebec became the first province in Canada to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The Liberal government had initially planned to introduce marijuana use for medicinal purposes in January, but this was delayed until March due to the federal marijuana bill.

Queensbec became the fifth province in the country to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in October, and its cannabis regulations came into effect in November.

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