How to make the legal cannabis industry work

The world’s biggest legal cannabis producer, Marijuanases, says it will start exporting cannabis products to Uruguay next month as it tries to expand its business after a failed attempt to start importing goods from Russia.

Marijanas president Jorge Vidal told Reuters that it would begin exporting cannabis to Uruguay by the end of March after negotiations with the government.

“This is the first step to export cannabis products,” he said.

“We have a contract with the Uruguayan government that we can get signed in the next few days.”

The first shipments will be made by April 30 and the second shipment by May 1.

“The government has not yet confirmed what products the government will supply to Uruguay, but Marijuana has indicated it will supply products from Australia, Colombia and the Netherlands.

Vidal said Marijanases could supply products to the Uruguan market as early as April next year.”

The other one is to the Netherlands.””

There are several products we are already supplying.

The other one is to the Netherlands.”

Vidal’s comments come as the European Union and US have imposed new sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Crimea and support for pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

“Our main focus is to ensure that the cannabis market continues to be protected, and we will continue to do this by the extension of our current sanctions,” said Vidal, who is also a member of Uruguay’s parliament.

“That’s why we will be working with other countries to find solutions to the issue.”

Marijuanas, which was founded in 2008, was set up by former President Mauricio Macri, a former drug addict, and its founder, former Colombian president Andrés Manuel Díaz-Perez, was jailed for life in 2016 for drug trafficking.

Videotronia, a Spanish cannabis producer based in Uruguay, is owned by Spanish billionaire Fernando Terere, who has previously said he wants to build a network of Spanish-speaking companies.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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