When you need to know the latest legal details on a superhero movie

You’ve seen the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, and now you can see how it will all play out on the big screen.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment released the official synopsis for The Batman, titled “The Dark Knight Returns,” on Tuesday, which offers up some very important details.

For one thing, the plot will center on Batman’s relationship with Catwoman.

In a scene from the trailer, Catwoman reveals that the Batman is a “reborn” Batman who was taken from his parents in a war against the Dark Knight.

Catwoman explains that the reason she was taken by Batman is that she is a criminal, but her father is dead.

Batman is then revealed to be a former prisoner of war who escaped from prison in the 1970s.

The plot will also include a fight between Batman and Joker, who is revealed to have been resurrected as a “Superman” (a character created by writer Mark Millar in his run on Justice League) and is now the leader of a super-villain group.

And finally, The Batman will fight the new Joker, played by Tom Hardy, who will be portrayed by actor Jeremy Irons.

You’ll be able to see more details on the plot in a future interview with director Christopher Nolan, which will be published in the coming days.

Here’s what the synopsis said:In the first installment of this epic, DC Extended Universe, Batman and Superman are back and even stronger than before, but in a new setting, one where the Justice League is no longer a force of justice.

In this universe, Batman is the new protector of Gotham, but his time as Batman has left a lasting mark on him.

The only person he can trust is Superman, who can only see him as an enemy.

Together, Batman must learn the secrets of how he was sent to the future and his place in it.

The new Batman, in this universe at least, is much more than a super hero.

His name is The Joker, and he will be an all-out killer.

When he comes to Gotham City, Batman finds that the crime is out of control and the city is under siege.

The Joker’s new mission is to kill every person who isn’t a super villain, and this will make the city even more dangerous for Batman and for the heroes who fight against him.

As the world goes into total chaos, Batman will have to find a way to make Gotham a safer place, and his best friend, The Riddler, will be on his side in his quest.

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