Georgia legal aid provides free legal aid

Georgia Legal Aid Corporation (GLAC) has teamed up with Georgia Legal Aid for free legal help.

The partnership, which is called GLAC Legal Services, was announced Wednesday.

The nonprofit provides free, confidential legal services to clients throughout the state.

“Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to get on the right side of the law,” GLAC President and CEO Robert Smith said in a statement.

“With a growing number of Georgia families facing foreclosure, we have found that providing free legal assistance is an important first step to helping keep your home.”

The program has a simple goal: Help low-income residents get the help they need.

GLAC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is not a government entity, but it provides legal aid and free legal services for a fee.GLAC’s mission statement says its mission is to help people who are unable to pay their rent or mortgage payments and needs legal representation.

GLACC helps clients navigate the legal system and secure access to affordable and reliable legal representation in Georgia.

It also helps clients get on their feet, according to the GLAC website.

People who have been evicted from their homes are eligible to apply for GLAC assistance.

If they have the right to a court hearing, they may be able to move out of their current housing situation and become a legal tenant.

GLAAC can also help people obtain an eviction notice if they do not qualify for a temporary stay in a temporary shelter.

For people who have lost their jobs, the GLAACC also provides free employment services.

The organization helps clients obtain legal advice, obtain housing permits, obtain insurance, get medical appointments and get other services.

“We work with all types of businesses and individuals,” GLAACP Director of Service Services, Jennifer Lebron, said in an interview with the Georgia Business Journal.

“GLAC does not discriminate in its services.”GLAC was founded in 2001, and the organization has a budget of about $500,000.

GLAAAC was also named a partner in a partnership with the U.S. Justice Department to provide free legal advice to low-wage workers, according a press release from GLAC.

In addition to helping low- and moderate-income Georgians, GLAC provides free assistance for people who need health care.

GLAAA was awarded a $20,000 grant from the U,S.

Department of Health and Human Services in 2018 to help Georgia low- to moderate-wage residents get health care coverage, according the release.GLAAAC also provides a free legal representation to people who do not have access to legal counsel.

GLAB provides a legal clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.GLAAC is not affiliated with the state of Georgia, but its attorneys work closely with GLAC’s Georgia Legal Assistance Director and the attorneys’ team of attorneys who handle legal aid cases for GLACC.GLAB is a nonprofit organization with 501(C)(3), 501(a)(3).

The organization is not operated by the State of Georgia.

GLACP was established by the Georgia Legal Association in 1996.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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