Which of these is legal definition of ‘conspiracy theorist’?

In this case, it was the former, as the former would have to be a member of the “conspiracy theorists” group, which is a fringe, though well-established, group of conspiracy theorists.The group’s president is David Barton, the former evangelical minister who founded the anti-Semitic conspiracy website WorldNetDaily and who is the author of the bookRead More

How to get legal weed online in Arizona

Legal weed is now legal in Arizona, and it’s making some marijuana enthusiasts happy.Here are the top legal dispensaries and shops to go to in the state:Arizona is currently one of a handful of states that allow medical marijuana.You can get a marijuana card and purchase medical marijuana online and through dispensaries.You also can buyRead More

Warner legal again, ohio now legal again

Warner Bros. has officially returned to Ohio, bringing legal headaches and political fireworks to the state where it was legalized in 2011.The company, which has long had a presence in the state, said on its website Thursday that it will resume its production in the Buckeye State.Ohio, a battleground state for both the Democrats andRead More

Juravada: What is legal?

The world is a very different place today than it was in 2016.The country has become a legal gambling hub and a major financial hub.The world is full of legal businesses that can legally do business with each other, but not everyone is a member of the legal gaming fraternity.That’s where the legal business nameRead More

Legal Aid Florida FLORIDA – A legal form?

Legal Aid Florida is a state-funded legal aid service that offers legal services to individuals, families, businesses and other businesses in Florida.The service was founded in 2000 and is currently located in Miami, FL. The legal form, which was originally known as a legal aid waiver, is a way to apply for a Florida ID card,Read More

California legal guns: What to know about the legal definition

CALIFORNIA GUNS Legal Definition The term “legal definition” has become a buzzword in the firearms industry and in the gun world.The legal definition is the official definition of a firearm by the US Department of Justice and other federal agencies.It is not the official interpretation of California’s state law.It has become an increasingly common term,Read More

Why Boston has been forced to consider the legalization of marijuana

If you live in Boston, you probably have heard that your city is about to change its marijuana laws.That’s because, in the past few months, the state’s attorney general has opened an investigation into the city’s medical marijuana program, and state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana.The governor, who’s also runningRead More

Why did I get arrested for trying to watch the Olympics?

The answer is pretty simple.As the United States prepares to host the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the country has issued a travel advisory for visitors who plan to travel outside of the United State and to the International Olympic Committee’s “Olympic City” zone in Brazil.While there’s no specific travel warning, the U.S. government hasRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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