How to get into the legal marijuana market

Legal marijuana in South Dakota is legal for adults 21 and older and it’s legal to grow, possess and sell up to an ounce of pot.But legal pot isn’t for everyone.Here’s how to get started in South Carolina.1.Find a local store.A South Carolinian can buy pot at a store in the state’s capital, Columbia.If you’reRead More

What to Know About the Legal Insurers for Legal Blinds

If you have an insurance policy in the US that covers legal blindness, it’s worth taking a look at what you can expect.Legal blindness is a legal condition that prevents one from perceiving certain visual features, such as colors or shapes.It can affect someone who has severe vision loss due to a stroke or eyeRead More

Which of these is legal definition of ‘conspiracy theorist’?

In this case, it was the former, as the former would have to be a member of the “conspiracy theorists” group, which is a fringe, though well-established, group of conspiracy theorists.The group’s president is David Barton, the former evangelical minister who founded the anti-Semitic conspiracy website WorldNetDaily and who is the author of the bookRead More

Legal Assistant jobs for people with blond hair

Legal assistant jobs are in short supply in Oregon, but that’s just one reason they are a popular career option for people who have a natural beauty trait.“There’s just not that many jobs out there for blond hair,” said Lauren Schaeffer, who works for the legal assistant program at the University of Washington.She’s the founderRead More

How much does legal seafood cost?

Legal seafood is available to those who can pay for it.It includes fish and shellfish that have been legally harvested and that are caught and processed in accordance with the requirements of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.But the vast majority of seafood sold in Australia, New Zealand and the US isRead More

How to legally blind your car’s lights

When it comes to the use of blind spots, the legal definition of “blind spot” can be a bit tricky to navigate.In a nutshell, a “blind” spot is the spot on the road that is “blind to the eye,” or “a space that is so small that a person can’t perceive it.”For instance, the rightRead More

Why Does Reddit Legal Lean Hurt the Kids?

The Reddit community is growing rapidly.Over half a million users have signed up for the platform since its inception in 2008.But with so many new users, Reddit’s legal lean has become increasingly toxic.Reddit has been accused of being a “peddler of child porn” and “child-exploitation” site, as well as a platform for the dissemination ofRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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