Why Oregon Legalizes Marijuana, and What Happens Next

Legalizing marijuana in Oregon would allow the state to join the legal market in the US, making the state more competitive with its southern neighbor.The state already has legalized recreational use of the drug and recreational sales in November 2018.Legalizing the drug would give the state control of sales, distribution, manufacturing and sale of cannabisRead More

How to help an inmate get an internship

When you are trying to start a new job or start a family, you are not going to be able to do it without first making sure that you have the resources to support your family during the first year of your internship.Here are the key points you need to keep in mind: How longRead More

How to get into the legal marijuana market

Legal marijuana in South Dakota is legal for adults 21 and older and it’s legal to grow, possess and sell up to an ounce of pot.But legal pot isn’t for everyone.Here’s how to get started in South Carolina.1.Find a local store.A South Carolinian can buy pot at a store in the state’s capital, Columbia.If you’reRead More

How to get a Nevada lawyer and how to do it right

When you’re looking to hire a Nevada attorney, here’s a few things to consider before you hire him or her.1.What’s the law in Nevada?1.1 What is Nevada’s law on legal services?1,2 Nevada law is divided into three different categories: 1.Legal Aid, which is the state’s public defender’s office; 2.Legal Assistance, which represents the interests ofRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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