How to protect your privacy in the age of legal separation

The legal separation of the cannabis industry has created a new legal center that’s trying to protect consumers from the dark side of the business.Recode is following up on an interview with legal cannabis activist and former U.S. senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul, who has pushed for more oversight and regulations of the industry,Read More

What is legal in the UK and abroad?

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Which Irish legal drugs will be legal in Boston?

Legal recreational drugs like cannabis and MDMA will soon be legal across the US, after being legalised by the US states of Maine and Washington.The first states to legalise recreational cannabis were Alaska and Washington State, which have become popular recreational destinations for the US.The Irish Government has said recreational cannabis should be legalised inRead More

Legal cannabis: How to get started and what to do

Legal cannabis has entered the mainstream, and there are some interesting new developments to consider.1.How does legal cannabis work?Legal cannabis has two main components: THC, which means “tetrahydrocannabinol,” and CBD, which is an oil.THC and CBD are not exactly the same thing, and the two are actually found in different plants.THC is the chemical compoundRead More

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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